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When the sun shines on the city of Dubai, it is the perfect time to gather together your favorite beach bunnies and head out for a day on the sand. Booking a 14 seater minibus hire vehicle from Minibus Hire Dubai is an excellent way to travel to your favourite stretch of sand and because a driver is supplied along with the vehicle you will be able to enjoy every moment of the journey.


The nearby emirate of Sharjah stretches across both the west and east peninsula and boasts a number of beautiful beaches for sun worshippers to choose from. One of the most popular places to stop and soak up the sun is the Khalid Lagoon, which is also a popular place to try various types of water sports such as jet skiing and windsurfing. The atmosphere here is particularly relaxed, while the waters that lap the sand are very cool and clear.


You can be sure that there will be plenty of room inside your spacious 14 seater Minibus Hire Dubai for a large group of friends to sit comfortably. You can also pack all of your beach gear into the vehicle and the driver will be waiting for you until you are ready to head back to the big city at the end of the trip.

Environment-Friendly Travel

When people choose to travel by coaches, there is less use of fuel per person compared to when people use cars. A fully loaded minibus will get nearly five times the amount of fuel efficiency compared to a fully-loaded car. Minibus Hire Dubai can help you save on the cost spent on fuel, meet your transport needs and protect the environment.


  •  Without any hesitation, one of the most encouraging aims for travelling via Minibus Hire Dubai services is the comfort experienced throughout the journey. Our minibuses are well equipped with modern facilities, they are spacious and well ventilated. We ensure that cleaning and proper servicing is done to the minibuses before lending them out to our clients. This will enable you to familiarise and enjoy with the journey. book your 14 seater minibus rental in Dubai for the ultimate experience of this beautiful city.


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